Settling In 

We have been in our new home in Victoria for almost one week.  There has been lots to learn as we adjust to a new lifestyle.

One new activity for us is walking to buy our groceries.  Conducting most of our business on foot is is an important part of the more active lifestyle we are aspiring to.  Our central location  makes this very doable, but it still take getting used to.  You can’t buy too much at once, you have to wear a backpack and bring enough reusable shopping bags, and it helps to have two people.  It takes more planning than shopping by car.  The benefits are that you build exercise into your daily activities, you don’t have to deal with traffic or parking, and you don’t burn fossil fuels.  Also, the simple act of going for groceries can be an adventure!  One of the grocery stores in walking distance from our home is on the other side of Beacon Hill Park.  Here is a picture of me and a peacock on our way home from our first shopping trip:


    I was going to include a list of ‘new things’ in this post, but it seemed like it would get too long to hold modern readers’ attention span, so that’s it for now.  I hope you enjoyed that snippet!

Author: Prairie Drifter

Chris & Teri are a Canadian couple who are embarking on a move from Morden, Manitoba to Victoria, B.C. Although Chris & Teri had a really good life in Manitoba, they were craving adventure, challenge, a milder climate, and a more active and urban lifestyle. So even though it meant giving up steady jobs and moving far away from dear friends and family, they are making the leap across the country to establish a new life together on Vancouver Island.

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