Settling In – Work/Life balance

It has been ten days since we arrived in Victoria.  We are starting to feel settled, although there is still a lot to learn and experience.  Since we don’t have jobs yet, it feels a little strange.  We have ample free time to go out and explore, but we’re not tourists on a holiday.  One of our goals for moving to a new place was to establish a more balanced lifestyle, which to us means a balance between work and play; time for ourselves, others, and each other; more physical activity, nature, and nutritious eating, and less sitting on the couch and eating poorly.

How do you establish a balance between work and play when you don’t have a job?  Well, you spend time every day looking for jobs and applying for them.  Chris has applied for several jobs already and each application takes a few hours.  My plan is to be a full-time student starting in January, so I have already toured the campus, been interviewed by the director, and sat in on a 3-hour class.  This month I plan to sit in on every class that will comprise my first term.  I also have a prep course to work on at home.

When you move to a new province, there are things to do like apply for a provincial medical card and driver’s license, change your car insurance, buy tenants’ insurance and change your mailing address with every organization that sends you mail.  We looked into getting B.C. cell phones but when we saw the prices we decided to keep our Manitoba phones!  My point is there is still ‘work’ to do even though we aren’t getting paid for it.

Learning the ropes of apartment living is also a bit of a learning curve for Chris and me, as neither of us have lived in an apartment since we were university students.  Here are some pictures of regular aspects of apartment living that are new to Chris and me:

Before you conclude that our new life consists of boring minutiae, let me share some photos of the ‘play’ side of our new life:

There is so much to see and do in and around Victoria.  We could easily fill every day playing tourists.  But since we are building a life here and not just taking a holiday, it’s fortunate that I find the housekeeping tasks and more mundane changes stimulating and interesting as well!

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Author: Prairie Drifter

Chris & Teri are a Canadian couple who are embarking on a move from Morden, Manitoba to Victoria, B.C. Although Chris & Teri had a really good life in Manitoba, they were craving adventure, challenge, a milder climate, and a more active and urban lifestyle. So even though it meant giving up steady jobs and moving far away from dear friends and family, they are making the leap across the country to establish a new life together on Vancouver Island.

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