10 Cool Discoveries

I didn’t know what to write about these last two weeks.  I didn’t feel like drawing any attention to ourselves because I was uncomfortable about where we were at in this stage of our relocation to Victoria.  Chris’s job search continues and it feels like such a long wait for my massage therapy program to start in January.  When everyone in your life is run-off-their-feet-busy, it doesn’t feel right to have this much free time.

I realized that it would be tragic for Chris and me to ruin this brief and unique period in our lives by feeling anxious and guilty all the time.  We will look back on this period as a tremendous gift that isn’t bestowed on most people in a lifetime.  Why don’t we just relax and enjoy it?  As I described in my last post, uncertainty is part of the change process.  We need to continue to trust that it’s all going to work out, and stay anchored in the present, which is actually pretty amazing.

Here are ten wonderful discoveries I have made in the last month when I put my worrying mind on standby and just immersed myself in the present moment:

  1. Flowers in December20161102_154856

    Our local corner store, The Bird Cage, displays cut flowers outside all day long.  In December!  My Manitoban sensibilities still register a shock every time I walk by.  And this week Victoria received its first snowfall, which settled softly amongst these flowers that are still in bloom at the Inner Harbour.20161206_153529

  2. Christmas Parades

    The Santa Claus Light Parade on November 26th and the Truck Light Convoy on December 3rd both helped launch us into the holiday spirit.  Both events occurred in steady rain, but thousands of Victorians lined the streets to support these events nonetheless.  I took videos, but sadly, no photos.

  3. Ogden Point The Breakwater Café 20161128_150115

    Ogden Point is a 765 metre breakwater that is a popular walking spot for Victorians and tourists.  The salty sea breeze refreshes my spirits and the Breakwater Café poised before it is a cozy spot to rest and take in the view, especially at sunset.

  4. Munro’s Books

    Ahh, if heaven were a book store, this would be it.  The beauty of the historic building’s interior literally stopped me in my tracks when I entered the store.  It has long aisles of books with quirky section titles, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and piano music in the background.  I didn’t want to leave.

  5. Swimming20161116_105129

    The condo building we are living in has a great pool and I’ve developed a nice routine of starting my day with swimming.  I love swimming because it exercises your heart and all your muscle groups but doesn’t make you hot or sweaty.  It’s simultaneously relaxing and energizing.  I’m so grateful to be able to swim whenever I want to.

  6. Holland Point

    I think these pictures say it all.  In fifteen minutes of walking from my home, my feet take me to this gorgeous shore where one can wander around, take photos, or just sit on a bench and marvel.

  7. The Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop

    This historic establishment has been serving mouth-watering treats since 1956.  I haven’t even tried any of their pastries or chocolates yet as Chris and I just popped into the diner for a coffee.  Run by three generations of the same family, the bakery and diner are totally 1950’s vintage style and filled with photographs from the past sixty years in business.  So homey.  I can’t wait to go back and try some goodies.

  8. Sidney by the Sea

    Sidney was nice for a day trip out of the city.  It’s a quaint and scenic town, popular with retirees and artists.  The highlight for us was the buying the catch-of-the-day at this fish market and bringing it home for supper. 20161116_145155

  9. Stumbling upon a film set

    Chris and I ventured out for a walk last Friday evening.  Strolling down Government Street, we suddenly found ourselves amidst a big film set.  A staff person told us they were filming Pup Star 2.  We’ve never heard of ‘Pup Star’, but it’s getting a sequel!.  Government Street is lined with architecturally beautiful old buildings, cobblestone sidewalks, and twinkle-lit trees, so I can see it being popular with film-makers.  We got a kick out of how a quick stretch break between Netflix episodes turned into such a novel experience.img_0048

    The Vic Theatre

    This small cinema with big personality shows film festival movies and serves up…HOMEMADE COOKIES, CRAFT BEERS, WINE, AND CHEESE PLATTERS!!  Our date nights just got a lot classier!20161123_211908

What would make your top ten list of recent discoveries or experiences?

I’d love to read some of your recent highlights in the Comments section.

There’s really so much to be grateful for when we slow down and take notice.

Thanks for reading.

Author: Prairie Drifter

Chris & Teri are a Canadian couple who are embarking on a move from Morden, Manitoba to Victoria, B.C. Although Chris & Teri had a really good life in Manitoba, they were craving adventure, challenge, a milder climate, and a more active and urban lifestyle. So even though it meant giving up steady jobs and moving far away from dear friends and family, they are making the leap across the country to establish a new life together on Vancouver Island.

4 thoughts on “10 Cool Discoveries”

  1. Too cool you guys! Good for you. I, on the other hand, left small town Morden (population 3000) for small town Lafleche, Saskatchewan (population 350).I’m a very social person so it’s been interesting to say the least. We wish you all the best in your new adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you wrote a blog about life in Lafleche, I would definitely read it! I’m fascinated by diverse life experiences. You guys made a pretty drastic change yourselves when you moved to SK. All the best to you as well!


  2. Hi Teri, when my grandmother immigrated to Canada with my mother and uncles in tow in 1957 they settled in Victoria. I was born there, but moved as a young child to Manitoba. I still remember her house and trips to the Dutch Bakery. I have yet to find a vanilla slice that can compare. I’ve looked from here to overseas with no luck….have a piece for me 😊. Bob and I wish you and Chris all the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Capri, It’s so neat to hear from someone ‘back home’ who is familiar with Victoria’s Dutch Bakery! I will definitely try the vanilla slice the next time I stop in! Thanks to you and Bob for the support!


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