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When Chris and I moved to Victoria almost five months ago, there was so much for me to write about, because everything was new and interesting for us.  But I also felt that although we lived here, we didn’t yet have a life here.  Our real life was still ‘back home’ in Manitoba.  Before we started work and school, living in Victoria felt similar to being on a holiday.

We’ve been doing the school and work thing for almost three months now, and it feels like there is a lot less to write about.  Our life has less adventure and more routine.  We do a lot of the same things we did in our previous life – we get up in the morning, go to school / work, go home, make supper, read the mail, pay bills, watch TV, etc.  On the weekends we clean the apartment, do laundry, and buy groceries … same as we did before, or nearly.

When the goal is to make a new life for yourself in a new setting, the marker of progress seems to be that your life becomes more mundane.  It’s a little counterintuitive, however if you are having fun adventures every day, you are unlikely to also be earning a living, maintaining a home, and applying yourself toward meaningful goals.  Grown-up life consists of things you have to do as well as things you want to do, and hopefully also elements that are both challenging and enjoyable.

Although I’m having fewer new experiences than I was four months ago, I feel more grounded in knowing that we are making a life here.  We still have, and always will have, a strong connection to our other ‘home’ in Manitoba, but we are gradually becoming more comfortable and invested here.   In fact, spring 2017 in Victoria feels, to me at least, like the perfect balance of novelty and familiarity.  It still feels fresh and fun, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  But it’s also more comfortable than it was four months ago.  This is real life for us right now, and I am grateful.

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Author: Prairie Drifter

Chris & Teri are a Canadian couple who are embarking on a move from Morden, Manitoba to Victoria, B.C. Although Chris & Teri had a really good life in Manitoba, they were craving adventure, challenge, a milder climate, and a more active and urban lifestyle. So even though it meant giving up steady jobs and moving far away from dear friends and family, they are making the leap across the country to establish a new life together on Vancouver Island.

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