Moving toward new opportunities

Considering how much I gush about Victoria, you will likely be surprised that tomorrow Chris and I are moving to Kelowna. 

The change of plans came about quickly and was provoked by job opportunities.

As much as we love the Victoria and Vancouver Island lifestyle, we also want to grow professionally in our careers and achieve a level of stability again. 

Kelowna represents a compromise between living in a beautiful part of British Columbia that has mild winters and continuing to develop professionally in careers we enjoy.

Our situation in Victoria was that I would be starting a position I was not very excited about because it was significantly less responsibility and salary than I was used to, and Chris’s employment contract was due to expire in October and he was potentially facing another daunting job hunt. Many may argue that getting established in a new city takes patience, and that it isn’t realistic to expect all the pieces to fall into place in the first year. I agree that if we gave it more time, we may eventually find satisfying careers in Victoria but our rent is $1900 per month and being patient feels financially irresponsible.

When I left massage school, I applied to school districts on Vancouver Island and eventually cast the net further and applied to Okanagan School District #23. Chris had already applied to BC Assessment and widened his geographical region to include the Okanagan Valley as well. When both of us received job offers in Kelowna in the same week, we decided to go for it – the timing was just too perfect to turn down the opportunity.

Our feelings about the move are mixed:

We are sad to leave the island so soon. It is just starting to feel like home and there is still so much we want to see and do. We have wonderful family on the Island who have included us in their lives and helped us feel welcome and at home. I expect to shed some tears tomorrow when we leave this magical place.

We are excited for our next adventure! New places and experiences give me a natural high more than anything else in life. Of course, we’re anxious as well, but Chris and I find security in each other and feel at home together wherever we are. I expect the next couple of months to be stressful but exciting, and hopefully wonderful as well as we move into our new home and start our new positions.

More to come…

Author: Prairie Drifter

Chris & Teri are a Canadian couple who are embarking on a move from Morden, Manitoba to Victoria, B.C. Although Chris & Teri had a really good life in Manitoba, they were craving adventure, challenge, a milder climate, and a more active and urban lifestyle. So even though it meant giving up steady jobs and moving far away from dear friends and family, they are making the leap across the country to establish a new life together on Vancouver Island.

One thought on “Moving toward new opportunities”

  1. Good luck. We love Kelowna. Stewart is retiring in December and we fully expect to have a second home there by then.


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